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Adjusts pH to neutral (pH 7.0) from either a low or high pH
Softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium
Removes chlorine, chloramine, or ammonia
Neutral Regulator® adjusts pH to neutral (pH 7.0) from either a low or high pH and maintains it there. It softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium while removing any chlorine, chloramine, and detoxifying ammonia. The use of Neutral Regulator® makes other conditioning unnecessary. To lower pH below 7.0 use Neutral Regulator® with Acid Regulator™ (or Discus Buffer®). To raise pH above 7.0 use with Alkaline Regulator™. All of these products will enhance and stabilize the freshwater aquarium environment.

Contains phosphate buffers and conditioning agents. Safe for all freshwater fish acclimated to neutral pH.

While some people do use Neutral Regulator® in freshwater planted aquariums with fine results, we recommend using a carbonate based buffer like Acid Buffer™ and Alkaline Buffer™ in a planted tank rather than a phosphate based buffer like Neutral Regulator®. Phosphate based buffers are very stable and work well for stabilizing the pH for fish, but can cause issues in a planted tank.