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The beautiful butterfly topper creates free-falling streams, and it can be removed to create a quiet bubbling flow to give your pet plenty of drinking options.
Comes with a replaceable carbon and foam filter to help remove unpleasant odors, tastes and debris from your pet’s water, encouraging them to keep hydrated.
Super quiet fountain promotes healthy hydration with 50-oz of water and constant water flow that won’t overheat.
Made from dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic without any of those pesky nooks and crannies that make it difficult to clean.
The four faucet-like streams and trickling water flow keep your furry family members out of off-limits sinks and toilets.

With fresh, filtered water and a free-flowing stream, there's no need to lead your pet to water; she's already lapping it up! The PetSafe Drinkwell Butterfly Dog & Cat Water Fountain was designed to increase dogs' and cats' drive to drink by mirroring a natural water source instead of a stagnant bowl. This unit holds 50-oz of water, making it perfect for multi-pet households, and it has a removable butterfly topper that creates 4 free-falling water streams! You can also remove the topper to create a quieter, bubbling water flow that’s welcoming to shy and timid pets. This fountain also comes with a carbon filter and a foam filter to help remove debris, dirt, pet hair, and unpleasant tastes from the water, making staying hydrated a delicious and fulfilling experience. And since this device is made from dishwasher-safe, BPA-free plastic without any annoying corners and cracks, it’s easy to clean!