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105 MAXI PH 2500 L/HR 2.5M MH/H

105 MAXI PH 2500 L/HR 2.5M MH/H

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Have you got dead spots in your tank or do you need more circulation to improve your water quality? The Aqua One Power Head range is a compact size powerhead that can push water around your tank so that debris can be picked up by your filter instead of settling on the bottom where it can create problems with your water parameters.

The Benefits of Using Powerheads:

Powerheads provide important water circulation and oxygenation in the aquarium, far more efficiently than the bubbles from air stones. They also help to keep gravel, rocks and other tank matter from settling on the bottom of the tank. This circulation permits the majority of these particulates to be circulated or suspended, allowing them to be filtered out by a mechanical filter. Aiding in the health of the tank inhabitants.

The Maxi range is easily cleaned and maintained which is also beneficial to marine water aquariums. We stock most spare parts in this range.

Aqua One Maxi Powerhead Pumps are suitable for use in cold water, tropical and marine aquariums. They are very quiet and energy-efficient while maintaining performance. The Aqua One Maxi Powerhead Pumps are completely submersible and feature variable flow control.