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Protect your dog against fleas, heartworm and intestinal worms, including tapeworm, with Sentinel 3-in-1† protection. Dogs love the beef and bacon chew, with 97% of dogs accepting them straight from the hand1.

Being a tablet, there are no restrictions with regards to your dog swimming or being washed after treatment, and it won’t rub off on your furniture.

Important Information
Read product leaflet for full instructions
Give monthly with a full meal
Does not kill adult fleas
Before starting Sentinel Spectrum, you should have your veterinarian confirm that your dog does not have heartworm
For dogs from 6 weeks of age
The following adverse reactions have been reported in dogs after giving Sentinel Spectrum: vomiting, diarrhoea, depression/lethargy or pruritus
In safety studies with Sentinel Spectrum, in some cases puppies showed reduced activity, ataxia, tremors and salivation. These signs were most commonly seen with overdosing and were mild, observed only within 24 hours of treatment, and resolved without medical intervention.