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Black Hawk Grain Free Adult Chicken With Lamb In Jelly Pouches Wet Cat Food Is A Delicious And Nutritious Option For Your Feline With Many Health Benefits
Complete and Balanced nutrition designed for adult cats 1+ years old
Wholesome, real food in a tasty jelly with chicken, lamb, fruit and vegetables
Fulfils all your cat’s nutrition requirements and can be fed solely or on top of dry kibble
Quality Ingredients

Black Hawk holistically nourishes cats from the inside out with real, natural ingredients, each with their own nutritional purpose
Contains high-quality chicken and lamb to meet your cat’s obligate carnivore needs for real meat
The premium formula is enhanced with emu oil, pumpkin, coconut, blueberries, cranberries, kelp, chondroitin and glucosamine to deliver the essential nutrition your cat requires for optimal health and wellbeing
Contains no nasty additives, only flavoursome and beneficial herbs, vitamins and minerals
Great for Sensitive Cats

The natural, grain-free recipe promotes increased gastrointestinal tolerance in sensitive cats
Muscle Health

Real chicken and lamb meat are fantastic sources of high-quality protein for lean muscle maintenance
Skin and Coat Health

Rich in healthy fats to help nourish your cat’s skin and add shine to their coat
Flaxseed oil, Emu oil and coconut are fantastic natural sources of healthy fats
Immune Health

Contains natural antioxidants, plus essential vitamins and minerals to support your cat’s immune system
Blueberries and cranberries are fantastic sources of natural antioxidants for immune health
Joint Health

Chondroitin and glucosamine have shown to be a highly effective combination to support joint health
Promotes Hydration

Wet food pouches are a great way to provide your cat with water, a vital nutrient for overall health
Most cats do not drink enough, therefore wet food helps to maintain hydration and promote a healthy urinary system
Digestive Health

Contains natural healthy fibres sources, such as Guar Gum, to support good intestinal health
Heart Health

Contains taurine which is an essential ingredient for cats to maintain optimal heart health
Taurine also promotes healthy development, reproduction, vision, digestion, and immune health
High Palatability

Tender chunks of real chicken and lamb meat will appeal to your cat’s instinctual craving for meat
The wet food has a delectable taste and soft texture which is easy to chew
The unique meat combination gives the food a distinct aromatic profile your cat will find irresistible
Further Information

Made in Australia
Contains no grains or fillers
No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours