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Deer antlers for dogs are a healthy long lasting chew that your dog will love. These naturally shed deer antlers come from a sustainable source and are cruetly free.

Antler is made up of a bone like material with a softer honeycomb centre that's similar to marrow. Male deer grow these every year and shed them around breeding season. Nutrients in these naturals dog chews includes phosphorous, glucosamine, chondroitin and up to 50% water.

Our deer antlers are unprocessed and natural.

Benefits of deer antler dog chews
Long lasting - Takes most dogs weeks or months depending on the size of the chew and intensity of chewing.
The medium whole antler chew (90g - 125g) is ideal for medium breeds and puppies over 3 months old.
Good for oral health as chewing helps to remove plaque from teeth.
Safe and don't splinter like bones as dogs grind them down slowly over time.
Virtually odourless and don't leave a sticky residue on carpets or flooring.
Single ingredient, natural chew from a sustainable source.