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About Our Puppies


We believe that all pets deserve the best in life & without a voice it is everyone's responsibility to ensure they are treated with love, respect & are healthy and happy. We ensure that our puppies and kittens are bred and raised in a home environment. They come from responsible breeders, the majority of whom we've had long relationships with. 

We are a proud member of PIAA - Pet Industry Association of Australia which means we must to abide by high standards outlined here. Our facilities and standard of care meet and exceed the codes of practice for animal housing and care put in place by the Queensland Government and the PIAA.

We encourage anyone who is thinking of adding a furry family member to consider adoption first, however if this is not an option for your family we are here to provide puppies from a responsible source, ensuring you are supporting the right people. 

When you purchase a pet from us it's important that you feel confident about the newest member of your family – and that means knowing as much about their young lives as possible. We have parent images, information & breeder information in store to share with you. All our breeders also carry a BIN number that is registered with the Queensland Government. They must abide by standards and guidelines to operate under this BIN number. 

  • All our puppies and kittens go through a period of quarantine when they first arrive. They are kept in a clean environment, checked by the vet, microchipped, vaccinated and put on a program of flea treatment and intestinal and heart worming. It means that they are 100% healthy when they go to their new homes.
  • As a new owner you are entitled to a further free health check for your pet and a guarantee of health to give you complete peace of mind.
  • Even before you take them home, your pet will have been given the best of beginnings :
    • They are fed on a high quality diet that we encourage you to follow.
    • They are microchipped to prevent them ending up in animal welfare shelters or council pounds if they do become lost.
  • Regular Puppy School is held in our store to educate owners and puppies on correct behaviour and how to avoid problems and aggression later on.
  • Our care does not end once the animal goes home! Puppy school is held at the Gold Coast outlet to help new owners and their puppies establish good behaviour practices early on. And we provide ongoing advice and support to the pet owners for the rest of their lives!


Gold Coast Pet Centre sources our puppies from breeders whom have partnered with us & will follow our high standards. The majority of our puppies come from breeders we have used before, however occasionally we get a litter from a new breeder or a one of breeder. If we use a breeder more then once they must agree & undertake the following:

  • Agree to an annual veterinary audit of their property
  • Agree to breed with the intention of healthy puppies with good temperaments
  • Agree to have their details forwarded to welfare agencies such as RSPCA and AWL and accept random inspections
  • Agree to microchip their puppies in their name, identifying them to authorities as the breeder for the life of the puppy
  • Agree to allow Gold Coast Pet Centre to visit where the puppies have been raised whenever we wish
  • Agree to meet all needs of the puppies & parents well-being including food, shelter, love, physical, social & psychological needs.

If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to get into contact with us!