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Reptile Licensing

To keep reptiles and amphibians in Australia you may be required to obtain a Reptile Keepers Permit. Permits differ between states and we recommend researching into the permit requirements of your state. However, we are here to help! If you need any information or assistance with obtaining a Reptile Keepers Permit don't hesitate to contact our friendly staff on (07) 5576 8766 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is some information on licensing in Queensland and New South Wales to get you started!


The permit you will require to keep most reptiles and amphibians in Queensland is called a Recreational Wildlife Permit. You can quickly and easily obtain this permit online at the Department of Environment and Resource Management website. You will be required to pay by credit or debit card and you will receive your permit and receipt immediately.

Don't forget to print out your Recreational Wildlife Permit as well as your record book as it is a requirement to keep these stored safely for future use.

To begin the application process click here

When purchasing a reptile or amphibian in Queensland you must show your Recreational Wildlife Permit to the seller as they must complete a Movement Advice for the transaction. It is illegal to buy or sell any reptile or amphibian in Queensland without a valid permit.

More resources:

Download a copy of the Record Book 

Download a copy of the Recreational Wildlife Permit Guidelines

Schedule of Fees

Download a copy of a Movement Advice

New South Wales

To keep reptiles or frogs in New South Wales you are required to hold an Animal Keepers Licence. There are three main licences that can be obtained including:

  • Native Animal Keepers licence (keeping multiple class 1 reptiles)
  • Companion Animal Keepers licence (keeping a single class 1 reptile)
  • Advanced Class Native Animal Keepers licence (for experienced keepers wanting higher class reptiles)

You can apply online for a Native Animal Keepers Licence at the NSW Government Licensing Service website

More Resources

More information on Reptile Licensing in NSW visit the NSW Environment and Heritage website

Companion Animal Keepers licence application form

Native Animal Keepers Licence application form

Advanced Native Animal Keepers Licence application form

Download a copy of the list of reptile, frog and bird species that you are permitted to keep here

To apply online for a Native Animal Import/Export Licence click here