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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve lost my receipt and I want to exchange a product for something else, what can I do?

We cannot exchange or return a product without proof of purchase. If you have lost your receipt but know the date and time that you purchased the product or can provide bank statement showing your purchase we may be able to look up your receipt.

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Do you do layby?

Yes! We can Layby items for a period of up to 6 weeks. Have a chat to our friendly staff and they will set up your Layby for you

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My dog has started scratching a lot; do you have anything to stop it?

Dogs can start scratching for many reasons and, like humans, can develop rashes and areas of dry skin. We have lotions and washes that may help to alleviate the itching sensation but ultimately it will be important to determine the cause of the itching whether it is fleas, sensitivity to certain foods, shampoos or even allergies. If the itching persists we recommend consulting your vet to determine and remove the cause.

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What is the best flea, tick or worming product?

There is an abundance of parasite prevention products on the market in Australia and it can be overwhelming when deciding which to use. Some products are designed to be effective in the long term, others are a short term quick fix and the key is to use the best parasite prevention regime that suits you and your dog. Visit us in store and speak to our trained staff to discuss what will work best for you.

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My cat has just started urinating all over my furniture, what do I do?

Cats generally spray urine over vertical surfaces such as walls or lounges as a way of communicating with other cats. Male and female cats can spray, although it is most common in un-desexed male cats that reach maturity. Studies have shown that desexing your cat may significantly reduce or even stop spraying behaviour in both male and female cats. The younger they are desexed, the less likely they will exhibit this behaviour. Stress and anxiety in cats may also trigger this behaviour and the use of calming pheromone diffusers may help. Regardless of the cause of spraying, the odour can be unpleasant and may even cause your cat to repeatedly spray the same area. We stock several brands of urine stain and odour removers that will completely remove any trace of odour.

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Why do my heat lights keep blowing?

The most common cause of heat lights blowing are electrical surges, moisture build up or vibration failure. By installing a high quality surge protector will help you avoid losing bulbs due to uneven distribution of power to the bulb. The filament in incandescent and halogen bulbs are sensitive to vibration and light fittings that are not fitted to a solid surface are at greater risk of blowing. Lights used above turtle tanks or high humidity enclosures will inevitably blow due to moisture build up. Splash proof reptile heat lights are available to avoid loss of bulbs due to moisture.

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My Guinea Pig is not using its back legs. What is wrong?

Guinea Pigs are prone to issues when they are not fed a balanced diet with a variety of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C deficiency in guinea pigs often result in a condition called Scurvy which produces symptoms including hind leg paralysis, diarrhoea and a rough coat. While your guinea pig may be suffering from a condition other than scurvy, we recommend a trip to the vet ASAP!

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My rat keeps scratching, does she have fleas?

Both rats, mice and guinea pigs can be attacked by parasites similar to fleas call mites and lice. They are microscopic parasites that are barely (if at all) visible to the naked eye. They can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable for the animal. They may be so itchy that they damage their own skin from scratching so much. If your rat, mouse or guinea pig has mites or lice they may show incessant scratching, hair loss or scabs on the body or tips of the ears or nose. A mite and lice treatment is in order ASAP! Call our friendly staff for guidance

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Can my guinea pig use a rat wheel?

Unfortunately no, guinea pigs cannot use wheels or balls made for mice or rats. Unlike their cousins, guinea pigs have a relatively rigid spine which can be damaged by using a wheel or ball. 

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My bird has laid an egg but she is not with a male, what do I do?

Female birds can lay eggs even without a male present. These eggs will not be fertile however the females will still usually sit on the eggs. Good conditions such as warm environment, plenty of food availability and long daylight hours can trigger this breeding behaviour. It is important not to remove the egg as the female will simply lay another egg to replace it. It is best to allow her to sit on the egg but you can place some newspaper or cloth underneath the egg to make it more comfortable. Provide plenty of food close to her nesting area, including foods high in calcium such as dark green vegies such as kale, endive and broccoli leaves. 

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My bird has started plucking his feathers, what is wrong?

Feather plucking is a common problem in bored birds. Birds, especially parrots are very intelligent animals that require a lot of mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. With a high quality diet with plenty of nutrients combined with a clean cage, lots of toys and lots of positive interaction with their owner will reduce feather plucking. Be sure to check with your vet in case there are other medical reasons for your birds feather plucking.

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My parrot will only eat sunflower seeds, is that ok?

Sunflower seeds taste great to most parrots but they are not very healthy. In fact, they are so high in fat that they are one of the leading causes of Fatty Liver Disease in birds. They are perfectly fine as a treat, but we recommend limiting the amount of sunflower seeds and including more fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

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