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Keeping Pets Cool in Summer

on Friday, 28 November 2014. Posted in Gold Coast Pet Centre

Hasn’t it been an absolute scorcher this month? It seems one minute we are all rugged up in our ugg boots, sipping hot chocolates and before you know it we are donning our swimmers and sunscreen! We know our pets feel the heat as well so our staff got together and dedicated this month’s blog to sharing tips on how to keep our pets cool in the heat.


Our puppy specialist Grace likes to keep our puppies cool by offering them frozen bottles of water or freezable toys to chew on and play with. “Even though they have air con, it helps cool them down a bit” says Grace. You can do the same at home by providing your pooch with a cool bottle or toy.

Tammy also suggests that walking your dogs should be done either early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the hottest part of the day. “If you live close to a dog beach, take them for a swim to cool them off, they will love it” Tracey  adds, “Don’t forget sun safety as well, we have sunscreen in store designed especially for dogs”

Remember to have fresh water available at all times. If you are taking your dogs out remember to bring you travel pet water bottle with you.


Cats will generally seek the coolest part of the house to lounge around in particularly rooms with tiled floors. There are a few things we can do to help them as well.

Tammy suggests popping a few cubes of ice into their water bowl before leaving for work, “It’ll keep the water nice and cool which your cat will appreciate”

If you can set a fan up somewhere that your kitty cat likes to lounge, if they get hot they will appreciate a gentle breeze flowing through their fur. Combined with their grooming it will cool them quite significantly.


Birds can overheat quite easily in the summer and it is crucial that fresh water is available to them at all times. Our bird specialist Dayne says, “Birds will bathe themselves quite often in the heat but it’s important to make sure they have enough to bathe in as well as drink.” You can provide a drinking bowl and a separate bathing bowl as well. “They will splash water everywhere, so you might have to fill the bowls more than once a day”. Laura adds “My birds don’t bathe that much, so I like to give them a mist spray with a water bottle to cool them down during the heat, they love it”


Reptiles are ectothermic, which means they control their body temperature by their surrounding temperature. This means that some species that cannot tolerate high temperatures need to be cooled down somehow.

“Ventilation is important in keeping temperatures down and minimising humidity build up” says Katie, “Setting a fan up won’t cool the reptile down, but it will encourage air flow.” A thermostat is incredibly important in maintaining temperatures when keeping reptiles. “If the temperature rises and you are at work, at least you can rely on the thermostat to turn the heating off” Chris adds, “If it is still too warm, add a frozen bottle of water into the enclosure, it can help reduce the temperature by a few degrees”

Fresh water is just as important. An overheated reptile will make for a source of water to submerge in to keep cool

Rats, Mice and Guinea Pigs

Make sure that small animal cages or hutches are not positioned in direct sunlight, even inside the house. Direct sunlight can cause overheating even on not-so-hot days.

“Place a shallow dish of water and add some frozen peas and corn, this creates both a cool source of water as well as cooling form of food enrichment.” Terry mentions. “You can also position a pre-cooled ceramic tile under the bedding in a mouse, rat or guinea pig cage” Dayne adds, “they can then choose to cool off by lying on the tile”


“Never leave any pets in the car, even for a short period of time” Shane says, “The temperature inside a car can soar within minutes”. Fresh water is the first line of defence against overheating as well as dehydration. All pets should have access to fresh, cool, clean water at all times. 

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